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Best Of

Best Of generates multiple candidate completions on the OpenAI side and returns the “best” ones based on the highest log probability per token.

Please be aware that using this parameter may quickly consume your token quota, so it is important to use it carefully and to adjust the “max_tokens” setting appropriately.

You can adjust this value in the settings page of our plugin.

SCR 20230102 vd6

The “Best Of” option in GPT-3 allows users to generate multiple responses to a query and select the most appropriate one to display. The decision on which response is the “best” is made by the algorithm that powers GPT-3, which takes into account various factors such as the relevance of the response to the query, the coherence and consistency of the language used, and the overall fluency of the response.

One potential use case for this option is when a user wants to generate multiple variations of a response and wants to see the one that is most relevant or well-written. However, it’s also possible that users may not find a good use of this option, as it can be difficult to anticipate how the algorithm will select the best response, and the lack of real-time display may be seen as a limitation.

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