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How to Add ChatGPT Bot to Your Website

10.02.2023 Update: If you are looking for a quick way to customize your chat widget with your own products and contents, you can watch this video tutorial here and head over to Embeddings section in the plugin.

13.02.2023 Update: Now we have Index Builder! You can convert all your website content with one click! Please read the tutorial here:

To customize ChatGPT, go to the settings page and add your OpenAI API key.

if you don‘t have one, you can get one at

SCR 20230109 igw

Then, go to the ChatGPT tab and customize the messages, translating them into your desired language.

SCR 20230116 kdv

Now head over to the Widget section and add customize your chatbot.

  • Icon: This feature allows you to upload a small icon (75 pixels by 75 pixels) that will be displayed in the widget, which is the visual representation of your chatbot on your website.
  • Font size: This feature allows you to adjust the size of the text used in the widget. This can help ensure that the text is easily readable for visitors to your website.
  • Background color: This feature allows you to change the background color of the widget. This can help ensure that the widget blends in well with the overall design of your website.
  • Width and height: This feature allows you to specify the width and height of the widget. This can help ensure that the widget fits well within the layout of your website.
  • Location: This feature allows you to specify where the widget should be located on your website. You have the option of placing it in the bottom left or bottom right corner of the page.
  • Tone: This feature allows you to select a tone for the chatbot. For example, you can select a friendly tone to make the chatbot seem more approachable to visitors to your website. Ready to use tones:
    • Friendly
    • Professional
    • Sarcastic
    • Humorous
    • Mean
    • Cheerful
    • Anecdotal
  • Act as: This feature allows you to configure the chatbot to act as a specific profession. Ready to use professions and more:
    • Doctor
    • Lawyer
    • Teacher
    • Engineer
    • Student
    • Writer
    • Artist
    • Designer
    • Programmer
    • Customer Support
    • Sales Person

SCR 20230126 sc2



Once it’s enabled, it will look like this;

SCR 20230116 kik

To add the ChatGPT to a page or post, simply insert the short code provided. For more detailed instructions on how to add the short code, please refer to the guide.

Remembering Conversation

If you want your chat bot to remember conversation with current user, you can set “Remember Conversation” option to “Yes”.

SCR 20230126 seg

Once it’s selected then your bot will start remembering the conversation.

For example, look at below screenshot. As you can see, first I am asking for “3 SEO tips” then my next question is “now give me more”. Without context he knows that I am referring the previous question. And my last question is “explain number 3” and he starts explaining the tips number 3 that he suggest earlier.

SCR 20230126 s0r

Content Awareness

You can also set your bot to become aware of your content. To do this, please go to Settings – ChatGPT tab and turn “Content Aware” option on.

SCR 20230127 g2f

Once this feature is enabled then your bot will greet your visitors with current post/page title and answer questions related with that content.

SCR 20230127 g3u

Use Image Generator to Create your ChatBot Icon

Now all you need an icon to represent you and your business. You don’t need to pay or hire someone to design an icon for you. We also got you covered. Head over to the Image Generator and create yourself a nice Chat Bot Icon.

You can use some of these prompts:

  1. Generate an image of a robot wearing a headset and holding a microphone, designed to resemble a customer service representative
  2. Create an icon of a robot with a friendly expression, wearing a headset and holding a microphone
  3. Design an image of a customer service robot wearing a headset and holding a microphone, with a 75×75 resolution
  4. Create an icon of a robot that looks like a customer service representative, wearing a headset and holding a microphone, with a resolution of 75×75
  5. Generate a 75×75 resolution image of a robot with a headset and microphone, designed to resemble a customer service agent

SCR 20230116 kyj

Now you have a ChatGPT in your website.. What is left? Well, you need to train your bot with your products and contents.. Head over to the Fine-Tuning section and train your bot 🙂

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  1. Content Awarness requires a crawler but chatgpt is a language model that dont crawls a website url you give. So this simply not working as long you train the ai with the content of that specific site url.

    1. So this is how it works: plugin gets current page title and excerpt and send it together with the prompt to gpt telling the context. So it uses that context to discuss.

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