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Customizing DALL-E Generated Images with the Art Style Feature

The “Image Style” feature allows users to select a specific art style for the DALL-E generated image.

SCR 20230110 k6b

Examples of styles that could be included are:

  • abstract,
  • modern,
  • impressionist,
  • pop art,
  • cubism,
  • surrealism,
  • contemporary,
  • fantasy,
  • graffiti.

When the user selects a specific style from the drop-down menu, the plugin will instruct DALL-E to generate an image in that particular art style. For example, if the user selects “Impressionist”, DALL-E will generate an image in an impressionist art style. Title will be used as a prompt.

Example outputs:

SCR 20230110 gts

social media
social media

SCR 20230110 pql e1673364784548

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