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Selecting GPT Model

GPT AI Power exclusively supports OpenAI GPT-3, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models.

Please be aware that GPT-4 is currently in limited beta, which means that access to the GPT-4 API from OpenAI is available only through a waiting list and is not open to everyone yet. You can sign up for the waiting list at here. If you dont have GPT-4 API access and if you select GPT-4 as your model then you will get “The model: gpt-4 does not exist” or “The model: gpt-4-32k does not exist” error.

Supported GPT-4 models:

Model Description Max Tokens Training Data
gpt-4 More capable than any GPT-3.5 model, able to do more complex tasks, and optimized for chat. Still in beta. 8,192 Up to Sep 2021
gpt-4-32k Same capabilities as the base gpt-4 mode but with 4x the context length. 32,768 Up to Sep 2021

Supported GPT-3.5 models:

Model Description Max Tokens Training Data
gpt-3.5-turbo Most capable GPT-3.5 model and optimized for chat at 1/10th the cost of text-davinci-003. 4,096 Up to Sep 2021
text-davinci-003 Can do any language task with better quality, longer output, and consistent instruction-following. 4,000 Up to Jun 2021
text-davinci-002 Similar capabilities to text-davinci-003 but trained with supervised fine-tuning instead of reinforcement learning. 4,000 Up to Jun 2021

Supported GPT-3 models:

Model Description Max Tokens Training Data
text-curie-001 Very capable, but faster and lower cost than Davinci. 2,048 Up to Oct 2019
text-babbage-001 Capable of straightforward tasks, very fast, and lower cost. 2,048 Up to Oct 2019
text-ada-001 Capable of very simple tasks, usually the fastest model in the GPT-3 series, and lowest cost. 2,048 Up to Oct 2019

OpenAI recommends using Davinci and Turbo while experimenting since they will yield the best results.

Model Good at
Turbo Conversation and text generation
Davinci Complex intent, cause and effect, summarization for audience
Curie Language translation, complex classification, text sentiment, summarization
Babbage Moderate classification, semantic search classification
Ada Parsing text, simple classification, address correction, keywords

Selecting a Model

You can change the model used by the plugin by selecting it from the Model dropdown in the AI Engine tab.

SCR 20230325 oupk

You may notice a “Sync” button located next to the model dropdown. This button is used to synchronize the plugin with the most recent version of the OpenAI models. So if OpenAI releases a new model, you can use this button to update the plugin to use the new model.

If your organization has fine-tuned any models on specific datasets, you can easily find them under the Model dropdown.

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