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Modifying Headings

This feature can be useful if you want to customize the structure or focus of your content, or add your own ideas to the mix.

Here’s how the feature works:

  1. Before generating the ideas or outlines for your article or blog post using the OpenAI’s Davinci model, select the “Modify Headings” option. You can select this option in the settings page or directly in the Post/Page section.

SCR 20230103 hj7

  1. A popup window will appear, displaying the headings and ideas or outlines for each heading. You can sort the headings by dragging and dropping them, or by using the up and down arrows.

SCR 20230103 hkf

  1. To edit a heading or idea, simply click on it and enter your desired text.
  2. To delete a heading, click the “Trash Bin” icon next to it.
  3. To add a new heading, click the “Add new heading” button and enter your desired text.
  4. When you’re finished, click the “Generate” button to apply your changes. The plugin will update the content for each heading based on the modified ideas or outlines.

That’s it!

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