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Selecting a Writing Tone

You can select a writing tone for your content.

This can be useful if you want to convey a particular emotion or attitude with your writing, or if you want to match the tone to the subject matter or audience of your content.

Here’s how the feature works:

  1. Before generating the content for your article or blog post using the plugin, from the dropdown menu, select the writing tone you want to use.

Screenshot 2023 01 03 at 14.06.27

  1. The plugin supports various writing tones, including;
    1. formal,
    2. neutral,
    3. assertive,
    4. cheerful,
    5. humorous,
    6. informal,
    7. inspirational,
    8. sarcastic,
    9. and professional.
  2. Click the “Generate” button. The plugin will send a special request to the Davinci model and get content in the selected writing tone. This process may take a few seconds, depending on the complexity of the writing tone chosen.
  3. Review the generated content and decide whether to use it or not.
  4. The generated content will be automatically added to your article or blog post in the selected writing tone. You can edit or delete the content as needed using the WordPress editor.

Please note that pro plan users have additional 6 writing tone: curious, disappointed, encouraging, optimistic, surprised and worried.

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